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Acquiring Optimizer

Empowering acquiring banks to grow and strengthen merchant relationships.
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Enhance your merchant engagement strategy

Acquiring Optimizer is a dynamic, self-service web application that helps acquiring banks identify revenue potential and enhance merchant relationships. Through merchant segmentations and key insights, Acquiring Optimizer addresses important merchant strategy questions, including:

  1. Which merchants are enduring vs. at-risk?

  2. Which merchants show an opportunity to grow volume?

  3. Where are opportunities to deepen the acquiring relationship and drive higher profitability?

Acquiring Optimizer Insights

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Unlock merchant segmentations and insights

Tap into merchant segmentations and key metrics, including market potential segmentation, brand value assessment, peer and industry comparison, and attrition and survival risk.

  • Gain insights on imminent threats and opportunities.

  • Explore and analyze segments to quantify potential growth.

  • Assess the opportunity and market potential of each segment.

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Access recommended merchant actions

Optimize engagement strategies through an actionable merchant dashboard.

  • Understand which merchants need immediate focus.

  • Filter merchant lists to dive deeper into potential risks and revenue opportunities.

  • Export lists to Excel and other formats to share and integrate with contact management solutions.

Mastercard Consulting

Bundle Acquiring Optimizer with Mastercard consulting to optimizer your merchant portfolio.

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Acquiring optimizer case study AIK Banka identified an opportunity to grow transaction volume by 30%

Serbian bank, AIK Banka, wanted to strengthen its acquiring portfolio but needed help identifying the right clients to approach and tactics to improve portfolio performance.

The bank delivered a comprehensive view of improvement opportunities across its merchant portfolio using Mastercard’s Acquiring Optimizer tool. It leveraged Mastercard’s proprietary algorithms, data assets and expertise to identify opportunities and strategic recommendations for reducing attrition and strengthening merchant relationships.

AIK Banka identified an opportunity to increase transaction volume by 30% based on Acquiring Optimizer’s recommended actions.


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