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Providing a global, comprehensive view of merchant locations online and offline.
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Build and enrich data sets with expansive location details

Mastercard Places enables your organization to construct a global and accurate location directory. Further, you can enrich existing data sets with expansive location details. Places provides attributes and insights for every Mastercard-accepting merchant location, enabling you to expand data coverage, improve data accuracy, and discover insights. With each swipe of a Mastercard, new information is incorporated in Places, making it the freshest and most comprehensive merchant database on the market.


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Translate location data into actions that drive profits

Tap into the freshest point-of-interest database

Unlock up-to-date location information to enable a range of use cases.

  • Embed rich merchant information into mapping applications.

  • Create or append a location directory with enhanced attributes and store contact information.

  • Identify retailers in target categories and geographies to unlock business opportunities.

Tap into the freshest point-of-interest database

Enrich transaction data with enhanced merchant details

Enrich transaction data with enhanced merchant details

With the “Merchant Identifier” module, match Places data to payment transactions.

  • Cleanse cardholder statements to reduce chargebacks and “friendly fraud.”

  • Enhance analytics by tagging cardholder transactions with key merchant attributes.

  • Incorporate retailer attributes or allowlists directly in your authorization code to implement spend controls on consumer cards.

Execute tailored loyalty programs and enable extended services

Leverage “data as an ingredient” to fuel innovative solutions and marquee loyalty programs.

  • Use merchant attributes or allowlists to determine appropriate transaction rewards.

  • Execute sophisticated rewards programs based on retailer characteristics.

  • Build extended services on top of enriched transaction data.

Execute tailored loyalty programs and enable extended services

API Developer Zone

Places is available as a direct data feed or via an API. Start exploring the API today through our Mastercard Developer Zone.

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Access comprehensive location data to stay ahead of competitors

The time it takes for the average person to understand a financial transaction.

Source: Ntropy, 2023.
The size of the global location intelligence market by 2028.

Source: BusinessWire, 2022​.
Percentage of total budget that the average company spends on data analytics.

Source: Octolis, 2022​.
Percentage of companies with too much data to analyze.

Source: Millimetric, 2022​.
places_case_study A business service provider reached 1M customers in B2B mailing campaigns

A business services provider wanted to enhance its services by offering B2B mailing campaigns. The provider leveraged a clean record of business locations and attributes by subscribing to Mastercard’s unique Places insights. The provider could then categorize businesses by industry and operations channel to further target its offerings.

The provider leveraged Places to offer a targeted marketing service to reach 1 million businesses, leading to improved client engagement and stronger positioning in the B2B ecosystem.


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