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Empowering fintech visionaries to turn bold ideas into tangible results.

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Shape the future of your business

Mastercard Data & Services is the partner of choice for fintech companies worldwide, empowering them to build new payments solutions and reach their business goals. In fact, Mastercard serves over 80% of the top digital payment and neobank fintechs on the CNBC Global Fintech list. We work with fintech companies like end -user fintechs, processors, enablers and more. Mastercard Data & Services provides end-to-end support to help fintech companies navigate the intricacies of the industry while fostering innovation and fueling long-term growth.

Build, launch and grow your business

Ideate, accelerate and validate new products

With a view of consumer and market trends, competitive pressures and regulations, and deep expertise in this field, Mastercard helps you build through:

  • Strategy development and planning
  • Customer value proposition design
  • Market and consumer trend exploration
  • Innovation workshops and design sprints
  • Operational and business assessments
  • Software-as-a-service solutions that take digital channels live
  • Go-to-market and acquisition best practices


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Execute data-driven strategies to acquire and engage customers

When it comes to launching your products and payment programs, Mastercard will work with you to create data-driven strategies across acquisition, activation and retention. Your next big idea can be powered by:

  • Card portfolio insights and analytics
  • Global merchant data
  • End-to-end marketing solutions
  • Personalization platforms
  • Authorizations, declines, fraud and chargebacks optimization


Selected solutions we offer


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Optimize your business for the future

Enhance your card portfolio, enter new product categories, expand globally, and rapidly scale your business — supported by Mastercard’s proprietary insights and advanced analytics capabilities, including:

  • Macroeconomic spending insights
  • Data-driven cardholder engagement recommendations
  • Product and market expansion consulting services


Selected solutions we offer


Fintech segment - Grow
virgin money teaser How Virgin Money drove £15M in spend with credit installments

Virgin Money UK wanted to implement credit card installments but faced technical, operational and resource availability challenges. The company worked with our Digital Labs team to create the first Innovation Hub in the UK supporting the end-to-end creation and delivery of key Virgin Money innovation projects. Balance transfer installments were the first co-collaboration delivered in September 2021. Slyce, a BNPL product geared to Gen Z, was the first solution delivered in October 2022. The launch resulted in 20,000 new accounts opened, 560,000 transactions, and £15M in spend.

Customer testimonial

Mastercard and Starling Bank forged a successful partnership grounded in mutual trust

Mariam Ogunbambi - Starling Headshot
Mastercard from the get-go had always believed in Starling, even when others in the industry were doubtful about our prospects of success. And I think that was one of the reasons why our partnership with Mastercard has worked so well, because we've established a successful and collaborative partnership based on mutual trust throughout.
Mariam Ogunbambi Chief Client Officer, Engine by Starling, the technology arm of Starling Bank

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