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Economic Outlook 2024

Balancing prices and priorities
Insights from the Economics Institute

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Economic Outlook 2024

Our economic outlook for 2024 includes steady growth, empowered consumers, and macroeconomic risks. See regional breakouts for the US, Canada, China & more.

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Economics Institute
Travel Industry Trends 2023

Mastercard Economics Institute's fourth annual travel report on 2023 travel trends & the state of the travel industry.

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Outlook Report
Economic Outlook 2023

This year's Economic Outlook report explores the causes and effects shaping the speed and path of real economic growth, - focusing on housing prices, interest rates, inflation, consumer spending & omnichannel growth.

Economic Institute Blog

Key insights and deep dives into topics coming to you throughout the year

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Eventful Economy: The Swift Lift

As her concert tour travels across five continents with 151 scheduled shows, Taylor Swift delivers a boost to the local economies. What is the economic impact of The Eras Tour?

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Australian Open 2024: Serving an ace for the economy

As tennis fans watch the first Grand Slam, the Melbourne hospitality industry is having its own rally with visitors hungry for an experience beyond the courts.

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ICC Cricket World Cup: A boost to India’s economy

The Indian hospitality industry saw a huge boost from the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup, underscoring the true impact of big events on local economies.

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Inflation in Europe and the "high-low" economy

Inflation in Europe has led to a high-low economy that has squeezed out the middle. What does this mean for consumers, and how long will it last?

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How the ICC Cricket World Cup benefits the Indian economy

The ICC Cricket World Cup brings people together and has a positive ripple effect on local economies. How does the event benefit the Indian economy?

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US small business growth in a shifting economy

Small business growth has been spurred by the pace of business creation, the rise of online marketplaces and resilience in consumer spending. What’s next?

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Tourism fuels economic diversification in the Gulf states

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region stands out as one of the most resilient tourist hubs in its post-Covid recovery.

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Holiday spending 2023

Lower inflation plus a strong job market equal an empowered shopper. Who is the U.S. holiday shopper of 2023 and how will they impact holiday spending?

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London's economic clock

How has the UK economy evolved over the last few years? London is seeing a shift in consumer spending both during the day and night as a result of hybrid work patterns.

When the consumer spends, the job market grows

The U.S. economy is proving resilient, thanks in part to a positive feedback loop between consumer spending and job market growth.

Australia's Economic Clock

An analysis of the day and night economies in Sydney and Melbourne Australia, looking at changes in consumer spending by day of week and time of day.

NYC's Economic Clock

The changing spending patterns in New York City offer valuable insights into the evolving nature of work and its impact on the NYC economy.

What’s ahead for consumers in Asia Pacific
Prices, wages, employment: What’s ahead for consumers in Asia Pacific

The end of Covid-related restrictions in China could be positive for the economy in the entire Asia-Pacific region. But there's potential for challenges by way of labor shortages, wage increases and lasting inflation.

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A view on US housing: today and tomorrow

Pandemic-induced changes in the US housing market have been significant. Experts from the Mastercard Economics Institute look at where the market is headed and how consumer spending is impacted.

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