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Telcos face a rapidly changing technology and consumer landscape, as well as intense competition, requiring ongoing innovation. To enable telcos to navigate this environment, Mastercard has invested in the latest technology and industry innovations to help telco and media businesses maintain their competitive edge.

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The right tools and partner can transform a business
Identify and Acquire

Identify and acquire new customers

Customer acquisition costs are higher than ever, so reaching and engaging the best potential customers is key for telcos.

Telcos have offered discounted rates to attract customers, but those rates can be challenging to maintain. To enhance customer acquisition, telcos must make more data-driven decisions to do the following:

  • Target the right customer segments
  • Provide cost-effective offers and promotions
  • Communicate through relevant channels


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Identify and Acquire
Engage, Grow and Retain

Build loyalty with personalized interactions

The right strategy is vital for customer retention campaigns and engaging consistently with customers to drive brand loyalty.

Telcos have relied on traditional loyalty tactics using limited personalization and segmentation. Today, telcos are shifting to next-gen loyalty, including:

  • Personalized rewards and gamification
  • Real-time, automated segmentation
  • Customized content based on consumer need


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Engage, Grow and Retain
Innovate and Adapt

Explore new revenue opportunities with innovation

Telcos are increasingly looking outside of their core business for growth and differentiation. Building new revenue streams strengthens relationships with customers and increases brand relevance.

Some of those new revenue streams include:

  • Financial services offerings such as digital wallets and bank accounts
  • Partner ecosystems and marketplaces including curated offers and links to affiliated retailers
  • Digital products and services for small businesses such as cloud storage, website hosting and digital marketing


Selected solutions we offer


Innovate and Adapt
Telstra case study image Telstra launched a customer-centric loyalty program

Telstra wanted to replace its existing loyalty ‘thanks’ program with a points-based, customer-centric program to differentiate itself and remain competitive. Mastercard Rewards Solutions helped Telstra quickly design and implement a customer-centric loyalty program.

Customer Story

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