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Mastercard Data & Services empowers governments and related organizations to with insights to improve tourism, smart-city building, citizen benefit disbursements and inclusive growth efforts.

Mastercard Data & Services empowers governments and related organizations improve and attract tourism and build innovative foundations for the cities of the future.

Discover new insights and opportunities

Find opportunities to support tourism and better engage citizens based on insights gleaned from our 90 billion aggregated and anonymized transactions, our customers’ data and third-party data.

We help you evaluate how your community compares to others in your country, identify your most valuable visitor segments and more.

Utilize analytics and insights to find opportunities to help your citizens better engage with your departments and ministries.
Recommend actions and predict results

Gain the knowhow to answer your most complex questions with our robust insights and global expertise.

From sourcing the best locations for new small businesses to diagnosing the economic health of your community, we will provide the data-driven recommendations you need.

Forecast impact of key initiatives including disbursements, procurement, tourism, transit, small business support, and more.
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Act on insights and recommendations

Turn insights into action to drive progress toward your goals, whether we execute or support you while you execute.

We are your partner to bring our recommendations to life, from launching international marketing campaigns to aid tourism recovery programs to deploying subsidies to citizens to stimulate local spending in the tourism sector.

Bolster lasting engagement with citizens, non-governmental organizations, SMEs.
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Improve strategies and outcomes over time

Operate at your very best by measuring the impact of your decisions and recalibrating and optimizing as needed.

Armed with our help, you will have the resources to develop a sustainable tourism economy.

Recalibrate and optimize citizen programs in near real time and integrate platforms and data sets with ease.

Mastercard Data & Services empowers governments and related organizations to navigate complex and evolving trends with proprietary data, people and platforms. 

Marketing Services

Unleash the power of insights with critical business execution across campaigns and channels


Mastercard Advisors business consulting services solve challenges using expertise in strategy, analytics, consumer loyalty, risk, sustainability, and payments.


SpendingPulse™ provides market intelligence based on consumer buying behavior. These insights include analysis of current market trends & forecasts of customer spending patterns

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Mastercard will give more insight regarding future preferences of visitors. Who will come to [the country of] Georgia because of the wine? Or who will come for our cultural monuments? Or to learn more about our four season destinations? Or some medical treatments? That’s why the support of Mastercard is crucial for us to support Georgia in recovery of the touristic industry.
Georgia’s Minister of Development & Sustainable Economy