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Your check-level data is powerful. Are you getting the most out of it?
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Unlock the value of your check-level data

Menu Analyzer is a software platform that provides rapid insights into customer purchase behavior by analyzing enormous check-level datasets within seconds. Restaurants can filter each analysis on a variety of key dimensions, including day of week, time of day, store format and customer group. Through the software’s easy-to-use interface and ongoing analytic support from Mastercard professionals, decision makers have transaction-level insights at their fingertips. With these insights, restaurants can drive profitability by optimizing their menus, promotions, pricing and marketing strategies.

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Understand customer purchase behavior to inform more effective strategies

Mastercard Test & Learn®

Menu Analyzer unlocks a deeper understanding of customer purchase behavior to generate actionable hypotheses, such as which menu items to promote. By using Test & Learn® to evaluate these hypotheses, restaurants can gain deeper insights into check-level trends. For instance, when evaluating a menu item promotion, Test & Learn® can quantify lift driven by cherry-picking vs. cross-selling.

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Menu Analyzer case study A fast-food restaurant chain drove higher check sizes for delivery orders with their third-party partners

An American fast food restaurant chain wanted to understand how its third-party delivery partners were performing to identify opportunities for improvement.

Using Menu Analyzer, the restaurant chain was able to break out check insights based on which delivery partner carried out the order. This enabled the restaurant to examine check composition and size for their various third-party partners.

Menu Analyzer uncovered that one of the delivery partners was selling considerably more of a particular beverage. The restaurant contacted the partner to investigate and discovered that the partner was driving higher average check sizes by promoting the beverage as an add-on at checkout. The restaurant reached out to other delivery partners to implement similar strategies.

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